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Electronic Gear

Mechanical pick, Tuners, Lights, Lighted Capos

  • Lighted Capo

    Flash-Lite Capo

    Coming Soon! The only Capo that lights up you fret board. This item is still under production. Final product may vary slightly from image. Patent Pending

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  • Flash-Lites Fretboard Illuminator

    Flash-Lites Fretboard Illuminator

    Coming soon! The ultimate gig light developed by our Co-founder. Lights up the fretboard on dark stages and looks super cool to boot! Plus it instantly detaches to show you the light wherever you need it. No cables required!  Comes in Red, white,...

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  • Headless Guitar Tuner

    Headless and Every Other Guitar Tuner

    Coming Soon! The only tuner on the market that sticks to your guitar with micro suction technology. No head-stock? No problem with this tuner.  Patent pending. This is pre-sale. Final product may vary slightly from image.

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