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About Us



1. Flash Music USA will always be the "cool guitar accessory company". No cheap crap here.

2. Flash Music USA will always maintain only the highest standards of quality and value.

3. Flash Music USA will continue to lead in innovation. You will find exclusive, unique, patented product here. We are proud to have, and will continue to help others transform vision into real, viable products for the guitar community. 



Mitch Hodesh- Co-Founder and Creative Director

Mitch is a talented guitar player and teacher. He has been creating and marketing guitar accessories for years. He is the inventor of Dunlop's TeckPick, Ice Pix Stix and our newest product, Shred Pick(coming soon).  He has lived much of his life in Los Angeles and San Francisco and currently lives in Phoenix



Stuart Foster- Co-Founder and Managing Director

Stuart is a music lover and a new sax player. He has successfully managed businesses for large clients for over 25 years. He is the inventor of the Flash Lite Tuner and the Flash Lite Capo (coming soon) has lived all over the United States and currently lives in Phoenix.